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Our terroirs


Similar to the Alsace wine-growing region, our domain is very fragmented. The total area is ​​10.5 hectares among which 1.07 hectares on the Kirchberg Grand Cru, 0.11 hectares on the Osterberg Grand Cru and 0.5 hectares on the Hagel lieu-dit. (les ares n’existent pas en anglais)

Our plots are located in Ribeauvillé, Hunawihr and Bergheim, known for marl-limestone terroirs that suits the great Alsace grape varieties perfectly well, particularly Rieslings. Indeed, limestones bring a long and complex acidity to the wines, enhanced by the power of the marls.

The Hagel lieu-dit stands as a great exception in our vineyard with a terroir of gneiss, a magmatic rock that becomes coarse sand over time. This soil retains little moisture but keeps a great wealth of mineral elements, giving wines from this terroir an extremely fine and chiseled acidity.

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